Czech Book History up to 1800 Online

This article describes the Knihově portal, which represents an essential infrastructure for researching Czech book history until 1800.

The portal includes three parts: its core consists of a database comprised of five partial bibliographic databases. This interface contains complete data on printed Bohemica and manuscripts created before 1800 and a modern bibliography for research into Czech book history.

The second element of the portal is Map of Printed Production in Bohemia and Moravia up to 1800, which provides interactive access to known printed editions dating back to the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period in the territory of today’s Czech Republic; it also allows for their visualisation according to various criteria.

The third element created within the project is the online Encyclopaedia of Books in the Czech Middle Ages and Early Modern Period; its explanation of book history can serve educational purposes at both high schools and universities. A use case study of the history of books from the Rudolfinian period in the Czech lands (1576–1612) supplements the information provided about the portal.


Czech Book History up to 1800 Online
The Knihově portal 

Lenka Veselá (Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences), Jindřich Marek (Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship), Czech Book History up to 1800 Online, BIBLIOTEKA 2021, NR 25 (34) PL ISSN 1506-3615 DOI: 10.14746/b.2021.25.7


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